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Have you ever heard of the cartoonist Oliver Harrington and the role he played at the heart of German-American history? From the Harlem Renaissance to the division of Berlin during the Cold War — he was there for it all, capturing the world around him in his masterful comic strips. For THE BIG PONDER, Sally McGrane and Axel Scheele tell the unique story of his life. 

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In the heart of Berlin, there is a small corner store, lovingly dubbed the “living room of the neighborhood.” Sadly, the shop’s owners are facing eviction after three decades in business. Sally McGrane and Axel Scheele tell the story of the little grocery on Choriner Street.


"Ollarikchen - Die Wilde von der Weinreihe" ist ein Hörspiel-Podcast für Kinder und Erwachsene. In 60 kurzen Episoden (zwei bis vier Minuten lang) erzählt die lustige und selbstbewusste Enkelin des Bäckermeisters vom Leben in der Weinreihe, einer lebendigen Einkaufsstraße eines Dorfes mitten im Deutschland der 50er Jahre.

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Sally McGrane

is a journalist based in Berlin, where she writes for The New York Times, the New Yorker Magazine, Die Zeit, and others. She is the author of a spy novel, “Moscow at Midnight."

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Axel Scheele

is a musician and podcast producer based in Berlin. His highly-acclaimed German-language children’s podcast, “Ollarikchen,” was read by German actress Katharina Thalbach.



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